Ghost'nBrothers is a fast puzzle game in pixel art. Find the right path to free two lovely little ghosts through a polished and colored dungeon in 2D! Are you ready to rack your brain?

How to play?

Use left, right, up and down arrows to make the ghost slide. When the ghost hit a blocker, or another ghost, he stops! If you hit the wall, a trap or an enemy, you die! To exit the room, you need to reach the gate (white pearl). Sometimes, you need to get the key first to open the chest to free the gate. When a ghost hit the gate, the second ghost wakes up automatically (auto-switch). while playing, press the switch button to change the player (ghost 1 or 2).

You want to relive the 90’s? Use scanline mode to switch from your LCD screen to an old CRT TV!.

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